VALLEYLIFE provides disabled individuals of all ages the opportunity to live a life with choices, independence and dignity. They service a full range of disabilities and by supporting such a broad spectrum of individuals they have an indepth understanding of how disability affects each person’s life, and what support is needed.  This allows them to successfully customize their state-of-the-art, innovative offerings to fit the unique goals of each and every person they serve. Additionally, without focusing on a specific disability, they are able to serve a greater number of people. armed with hope and a belief in a better way of life for these children with developmental disabilities, in 1947 their Founder, Bernice Kussell, opened her home as a residence for her new family.  Today their principal activity is providing programs and services which support daily living of their constituents.  those services include residential, adult day services, vocational training and assistance, and respite and personal care support for individuals in their own homes.