In My Wildest Dreams … is an inspirational and uplifting, often funny, sometimes heartbreaking book for those who dare to dream big and can take a licking on the way to the top.

In Gaby’s rags to riches autobiography, she chronicles her journey to becoming America’s Queen of Sleep as the spokesperson for Sleep America, and ultimately the founder of Debbie Gaby Charities in one of the most inspirational books of 2016.

Gaby was fearless and outgoing, a born female entrepreneur as a young girl, but as she grew older, how she saw herself, and what she wanted for her life seemed to have gotten lost in the chaos of living.

After a series of hard life lessons and sessions of self-discovery, Gaby began to finally live the life of her dreams.

Her choices led her down an amazing road, from rural Texas, to entrepreneurship, to corporate boardrooms and finally, to a life that’s centered around philanthropy and giving back.

In 2004, after 20 years as America’s Queen of Sleep (and a room full of awards and accolades), she founded Sleep America Charities, which would later become Debbie Gaby Charities, with the goal of improving the lives of others.

She hopes her book will inspire women everywhere to follow their dreams and never settle for anything less.

A portion of the net proceeds from the In My Wildest Dreams… book sales will benefit Debbie Gaby Charities.

If you’re interested in sharing Gaby’s motivational book with your friends, book club or organization, special promotions are available with bulk purchases of the book including a lunch or one-hour conference call with Gaby or even having her as a speaker at your event.

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Debbie’s journey is inspiring and, in sharing it, I know she will lighten the load that so many women, of all ages, carry as they forge their path in life. What a gift she offers by reminding us that each of us has the power to choose the life that fulfills us the most.

Rita DavenportAuthor, Speaker & Trainer

If I’ve ever known a go-getter, it’s Debbie Gaby! For years I’ve watched her open heart and tenacious spirit make things, not just for her, but for other people. No life is perfect and that’s the beauty of this book. Let her story light a fire for yours.

Christi PaulCNN News Day Weekend Anchor, HLN Anchor/Reporter & Author of Love Isn’t supposed to Hurt

Debbie Gaby, a successful business woman who is as sweet as a pack of sugar and as tenacious as a restaurant fly, has unfolded her painfully twisting life map as a Southern steel magnolia who understood that life’s harsh light of reality was the only way to blossom.

Pat BondurantPresident, Bondurant Racing School