The Art of the Mensch takes readers on a journey through a lifetime of stories that personify the lessons Len Gaby has learned… from observation, education, and trial and error. An entrepreneur and visionary founder of Sleep America, Len shares his secrets to building a successful business, the importance of living life as a mensch, and the value of creating a culture of infinite wealth where everyone wins.

“Finding happiness within ourselves is the first step in being a mensch. The knowledge that our actions and our decisions are made with purpose and reflect our values... that’s the message I feel I’m meant to share.”

Len Gaby

About the Author

Len Gaby’s professional career began and ended with putting the customer first… anticipating their needs, exceeding expectations, delivering both a quality product and a quality experience. It isn’t surprising that, after 50-plus years and a career that included the launch of a business that would rank among Arizona’s most admired, Len has taken some time to reflect and chronicle a life well-lived.

He started his impressive business career with the Simmons Mattress Company as a sales trainee. Over the course of Len’s 20-year tenure with the company, he served as general manager of Simmons International and, eventually, chief operating officer of the Mattress Division. His venture into entrepreneurship and co-founding Sleep America with his wife, Debbie, in 1997 had him at the helm of that company as chief executive officer for 13 years. He retired in 2009 after Sleep America was acquired by mattress retailer Sleep Country Canada in 2006 and was later acquired, in 2015, by Mattress Firm.

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Len Gaby talks about why he and Debbie choose Destination Marketing to help bring awareness to Sleep America.